16 Feb 2011


~Karen Dalton- Somethings on your mind~

~St Pancras Renaissance Hotel~

George Gilbert Scott's landmark gothic hotel above St Pancras station has just finished being restored, here are some photos of the results.

9 Feb 2011


The spring collections were full of references to the orientalism of the 1920's, Marc Jacobs in particular making light of the gaudy way in which the West imitates Eastern cuture. For a more traditional exploration of oriental craftmanship, a new exhibition called L'Orient des Femmes has opened yesterday at Le musée du quai Branly. The exhibition is currated by Christian Lacroix pays homage to the style and craftsmanship of the clothing of oriental women. I can imagine its well worth a visit!


Rougue Magazine

Marc Jacobs Campaign

French Vogue
Photography Terry Richardson

~Why not...watch this? Lou Doillon for Venessa Bruno~


~Claude Cahun~

I have spoken very briefly about Claude Cahun before, but really she deserves much more attention. Born Lucy Renee Mathildde Schwob, she began creating photographic self portraits in 1912 when she was 18 years old. Around 1919, she settled on the pseudonym Claude Cahun, intentionally selecting a sexually ambiguous name, after having previously used the names Claude Courlis and Daniel Douglas. During the early 20s, she settled in Paris with her life-long partner and stepsister Suzanne Malherbe. For the rest of their lives together, Cahun and Malherbe, or Marcel Moore, collaborated on various written works, sculptures, photomontages and collages.
In many ways, Cahun's life was marked by a sense of role reversal, and her public identity became a commentary upon not only her own, but the public's notions of sexuality, gender, beauty, and logic. Her adoption of a sexually ambiguous name and her androgynous self-portraits display a revolutionary way of thinking and creating, experimenting with her audience's understanding of photography as a documentation of reality. Her poetry challenged gender roles and attacked the increasingly modern world's social and economic boundaries. Also Cahun's participation in the Parisian Surrealist movement diversified the group's artwork and ushered in new representations. Where most Surrealist artists were men, and their primary images were of women as isolated symbols of eroticism, Cahun epitomized the chameleonic and multiple possibilities of the female identity.
(this is jersey)

~The Dance~

I love the kinetic energy of these images, and the way that the subjects become almost gender neutral in movement. 

The Naked Dance by Yang Wang

The Dance by Matisse 1910

Vogue Hommes Japan
Photography Pierre-Debusschere
Styling Nicola Formichetti

7 Feb 2011

~Modern Craftsmanship, Dunhill~

~Spring Recommendations~

I cannot wait for some warm weather and have been day-dreaming about springs longer days and warm ambrosia nights all morning. Here is a little bit of inspiration for how to fill the longer days from some of my favourite spring editorials.


Dazed and Confused Korea Jan 2011
Photography Suk-Mu Yun


Vogue UK March 2011
Photography Nick Knight
Styling Kate Phelan


Vogue Turkey Jan 2011
They Woke Up in Ephesus
Photography Ahmet Polat


Vogue Italia Jan 2011
Photogrpahy Ellen Von Unworth


Numero Tokyo March 2011
Photography Mattias Vriens-McGrath
Styling Samuel Francois


Lara Stone
Photogrpahy Mario Testino


ID March 2009
Photography Alasdair McLellan

2 Feb 2011

~Miu Miu- The Powder Room~

The latest from art patron Miuccia Prada: “The Women’s Tales,” a series of short videos she’s commissioned from female filmmakers featuring clothes and accessories by Miu Miu. In the first film of the series, The Powder Room, director Zoe Cassavetes shoots French actress Audrey Marnay alongside models Caroline de Maigret, Line Gost, and Sophie Vlaming indulging in some mid-party primping. “I love the idea of a powder room; the ritual which takes place within them is very important for women,” Cassavetes said. “I love the sense of intimacy. It’s a place away from men, where you can check out other women, and re-glamorize yourself ready to face the world again.” (Style.com)

30 Jan 2011

~Givenchy Couture Spring 2011~

~Sylvia Plath reads Ariel~

~I want~

Tom Binns Swarovski Necklance


When I grow up, I want to be MICHELE LAMY.

French Vogue November 2010. Photography Steven Klein. Styling Carine Roitfeld.

~I love...primary colours in blue light~

Vogue Italia January 2011. Photography Steven Meisel. Styling Karl Templer

Dazed and Confused January 2011. Photography Kacper Kasprzyk. Styling Katie Shillingford

Vogue Paris January 2011. Photography Mario Sorrenti. Model Lara Stone

~CANDY magazine~

CANDY describes itself as 'the first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations'. It has published some of the most gorgeous and exciting fashion editorials I have ever seen, and here is a selection below (photos from homotography). You can buy it here:


Scout Rose. Photography Xevi Muntane. Styling Jay Massacret

Photography Karim Sadli. Styling Robbie Spencer

Louis Trainor-Selwyn and Owen James in 'Black Magic' by Thomas Giddings

Callum Wilson in Lacroix couture. Photography Karim Sadli. Styling Robbie Spencer.

~Why not...follow this?~

The Observer's New Review has developed a series which showcases the drawings of artist Matteo Pericoli, detailing the views from the windows of leading writers. This week, the widow of Jorge Luis Borges is reminded of him through the sensations he enjoyed in Buenos Aires. You can follow the series here


~'I Am Love' Best Costume Oscar Nomination~

There is nothing I don't adore about Luca Guadagnino's amazing melodrama I Am Love and I was delighted to hear that the film had received an Oscar nomination for costume design. It has fast become one of my favourite films of all time due, in part, to the exacting attention to detail which meant that everything in the film, from the type-face to the costumes, was perfectly pitched. Here are a few stills, but definitely rent to film if you haven’t already seen it.