15 Jan 2011

~Cover Story~

By far my favourite cover story of the last few months has been this offering from Acne Paper No. 11 featuring Leigh Bowery.  Acne paper is one of my favourite publications because it is really more like a very carefully edited anthology; starting with one simple idea then commissioning and collecting a brilliantly astute a varied selection of articles around that theme. This instalment explores studio’s, exploring how one studio might be the most private of sanctums while another studio might be the total opposite, a place bustling with collective energy.  Featured artists’ studios include: Daniel Silver, Hunt Slonem, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, John Chamberlain, the Royal Academy of Arts, David Hockney and Jean Cocteau. There are also photographic portfolios Helmut Lang, Lord Snowdon and Boman. Here are a few snippets from inside, but you can also buy it here:

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